Englishmen, Germans and Russians top an alcohol consumer ranking in Romania

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Englishmen, Germans and Russians are the biggest alcohol consumers in the Romanian restaurants, pubs and clubs. They pay an average EUR 100-200 for one person per night, according to Maitre d’Hotel Romania rejoining the touristic restaurant chiefs.

“Englishmen got drunk the most, are the loudest and are the hardest consumers. They usually drink their beer, whisky and gin. They are drinking all night long, until 5 o ‘clock in the morning or even until later and they are willing to pay EUR 200 for drinking,” Nicu Pupaza, Maitre d’Hotel Romania president told Mediafax.

He also said that out of all tourists who arrive in Romania English women are the only ones who really succeed in drinking as much alcohol as the men.

Russian tourists rank second in this chart, they usually preferring vodka and wines and less beer. “On average, people are drinking in pubs and clubs and only eating at the restaurant. Many Russians come without their wives when they want to have some fun. They go by the principle that you are going at the beer festival bringing beer from home,” Pupaza said, adding that Russian are hard core drinkers and sometimes don’t have any money limit when they are drinking and wanting to party.

German tourists rank third, paying for alcoholic beverages up to EUR 100 per night. “Germans drink a lot of beer and grogs. German ladies are drinking, too, but not so much as their partners,” Maitre d’Hotel Romania chief also said.

Romanians come fourth, spending up to EUR 50-70 for person one night. “For Romanians the most important thing is to enjoy their drinks and the music. It doesn’t matter they are in a pub, club or restaurant. They can party even in a tent where fiddlers are singing,” Pupaza said, explaining Romanians are usually drinking beer and spritzer.

According to the National Statistics Institute, 206,000 German tourists, 94,000 British and 24,000 Russian tourists have visited Romania in the first ten months of 2014.




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