Environment minister embarks on row with Bucharest mayor over pollution in the Capital city

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Environment minister Costel Alexe had a cross talk with Bucharest mayor, Gabriela Firea on the pollution in Bucharest. After the minister reproached Firea the City Hall had taken no actions to improve the air quality in the Capital, the mayor suggested Alexe he should move out of Bucharest.

When we tall about pollution, you’d better get your head down, quarrel less and work more to solve the problem. Millions of people are at stake, it’s not about our pride here. Figures don’t lie: Pollution is serious in Bucharest and is affecting residents. You’d better leave bombastic, grumpy statements aside and get to work,” minister Alexe has initially told mayor Firea.

“Move out of Bucharest if you don’t like it”, replied Firea on Facebook.

After the mayor’s retort, the minister had a new stance, saying he has several recommendations ‘to the lady mayor of Bucharest.’

1. You should be the one to move TO Bucharest, as you are living in Ilfov county. Maybe if you actually lived in Bucharest, you would care more about the hellish traffic and pollution.

2. Get that, dear madam: Bucharesters are practically ‘inhaling poison’. That’s what pollution is: slow poison. You had enough time to do something to counter pollution in the Capital as a mayor for ‘just three years and a half’. It’s not just you didn’t manage to do something, but problems got worse during your mandate.

3. I understand that you need to argue with somebody- with PM Orban, with me, with the Opposition in the General Council-to victimise yourself and to hide the fact that Bucharest is suffocated and has even more issues than before your term”, minister Costel Alexe said in a Facebook post.

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