EUR 20m roof of National Arena gave in during Sunday rain

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The roof of the National Arena in Bucharest gave in due to the torrential rain on Sunday night, during Steaua-Voluntari football game. The retractable-roof stadium is the most expensive one in Romania, with the roof costing EUR 20m.

Both the Bucharest City Hall and UTI company, which is providing the stadium’s maintenance, claimed the roof was perfectly fine, but the pouring rain was to blame, as the inlets of the cover couldn’t take all the water quantity.

However, the retractable roof was one of the most controversial parts of the National Arena even since the stadium has been designed. Since it has been into commission, the roof has given in several times. It is not unusable during winter due to the low temperatures and the stands are getting flooded every time there are rainfalls.

National Arena is copying the Frankfurt Arena, with the slight difference it cost EUR 50m more than its Germany twin.

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