EUR 2m lottery prize won with RON 7.3 ticket

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The big prize at Romanian Lottery, Loto 6/49, worth more than EUR 2 million, was won in Harghita County, with a ticket of RON 7.30, the Romanian Lottery announced Thursday evening. This is the highest amount won in 2018 in the first category.

According to the Romanian Lottery, the prize at Loto 6/49 was of RON 9,720,865.12 (over EUR 2 million).

“This is the biggest prize won this year for this game,” the Romanian Lottery informs.

The lucky ticket was bought from the Office 19-015 in Toplita, Harghita County, and had a single variant at Loto 6/49 and a variant at Noroc, the price of which was only RON 7.30.

The winning numbers were 23, 49, 5, 2, 41, 16.

According to the Romanian Lottery, this is the fourth category I win this year at Loto 6/49. Last time, the prize was won on April 15, 2018 and was worth RON 1,375,546.09.

Under the Lottery Organization and Management Regulations, the winner has 90 days from the date of the draw to claim the prize.



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