EUR 3m damages – group of Romanian criminals took bank loans using false documents in several EU states


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More than 50 searches have been conducted on Thursday in Bucharest and eight other counties in the country, at people who forged identity papers, then used them in European states to obtain bank loans.

A release issued by Valcea Police, policemen fighting organized crime and the DIICOT prosecutors have conducted 51 searches in order to disband a criminal group suspected of causing damages of EUR 3,000,000, reports.

The searches were conducted in the counties of Valcea, Mures, Bacau, Arges, Olt, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Suceava and Bucharest on people suspected of IT frauds and money laundering.

“The suspects have allegedly built, during May 2017-November 2018, five criminal groups to procure false documents from various European countries.

Consequently, they went to Italy, Spain and other states, using forged documents, which contained real data or false data of other people and the photos of the group’s members, to take loans from several banks. The criminal deeds have led to damages amounting to EUR 3,000,000 and some 500 people have been affected,” the release reads.

Following the searches, the policemen will enforce 93 peremptory writs.


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