EUR 8 M flowers sales estimated on Palm Sunday, St. George Day

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Almost 1.5 million Romanians bearing names of flowers will celebrate their name day this weekend, on Palm Sunday, while other 1 million people are celebrating their name day on Saint Gheorghe (St. George) Day marked on Saturday, April 23rd. At the same time, business analysts estimate that the total flower sales will mount to EUR 8 M.

Considering that in those 2.5 million celebrated people, almost half are women, the accounting says that the weekend might represent a business of over RON 37 M (EUR 8.4 M) for the flower dealers, considering that a bunch of flowers is on average RON 30. Accounting is of course relative, as not all women are receiving flowers on their name day,” analysts from KeysFin argue.

Flower businesses saw an incredible upward trend in the past 5 years, from RON 190 M in 2009 to RON 310 M in 2014, according to the KeysFin statistics. Around Palm Day and Saint George Day, the lead is significant, while 2016 has all chances to be the best year for the flower industry in Romania in the past ten years.

At the same time, the number of companies activating in the flower business increased from 385 firms in 2009 to 573 in 2014. “Our estimate shows that in 2016 there were more than 600 companies, while we are heading to 700 this year,” the analysts point out. In 2014, over 415 hectares of flowers were planted, mostly in central county and Bucharest-Ilfov.

However, more than 60% analysed companies reported zero return in 2014. This was due mainly to the black market prevailing in this field and also due to the fact that most flowers are imported for Western prices, meaning that profit margins are extremely low.

If in 2009 the market players reported a total return of RON 10 M, it was RON 11.4 M in 2012 and RON 13.7 M in 2014.

The most important flower companies in 2014 were Flowers Market Holland Ltd. with a turnover of RON 23.8 M, Stanjenel Ltd. – RON 11.4 M turnover and Magic Flower4you Ltd. – RON 8.4 M turnover.

A floridelux. ro survey shows that the most sought-after flowers in this period are the spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, lilacs or daffodils. Yet, Romanians’ most favorite flowers remain roses.

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