Eurobarometer: 60 pc of Romanians believe that decisions on migration should be taken at EU level

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Two in three Europeans believe that the decisions related to migration should be taken at EU level rather than at the level of national governments, the same view being shared by 60% of Romanians, according to the latest Eurobarometer.

Immigration and terrorism are the concerns with the fastest growth among European Union citizens, according to the latest Eurobarometer commissioned by the European Parliament, and conducted by TNS. The survey included 28,150 people in all Member States, and was carried out during September 19-29, 2015.

60% of Romanians believe that decisions should be taken at EU level. However, 78% of EU citizens consider that a better distribution of asylum seekers is needed. Countries with the highest percentage (90%) in favour of this statement are Germany, Sweden, Malta, Greece, the Netherlands and Belgium, while in Romania 59% of people agree. In countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia, the percentage of those who support a better distribution is below 50%.

78% of citizens agree with a better distribution of asylum seekers, they were later questioned in relation to the concrete method of distribution, namely mandatory quotas decided at EU level. The measure is supported by 75% of Europeans and 44% of Romanians who had previously said they favour a better distribution of asylum seekers.

Regarding the economic crisis, 32% of Europeans think that it will last many years, the same percentage was recorded in Romania.

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