Eurobarometer: About eight out of ten Romanians support the free movement of EU citizens

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About eight out of ten Romanian support the free movement of EU citizens, who can live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU, down by 3 percentage points against 2015, according to Eurobarometer Standard 86.

Research shows that about two thirds of Romanians are in favour of a free trade agreement and investments between the EU and the US (71%, up by 3 percentage points), but also favour a policy of common defence and security of the Member States (69 %, down by 6 percentage points). A similar level of support is stated for a common foreign policy (65%, minus 4pp) and on a common energy policy (65%, minus 7 pp). Nearly six out of ten Romanians support a single digital market (62%, +3pp). A similar share agrees with the EU expansion (61%, -4pp) and a common European policy on migration (59%, -3pp). Over half of Romanians support the European Economic and Monetary Union (55%, -2pp).

The Eurobarometer shows that, relative to economic growth, creating jobs and investments, at the end of 2016, only half of Romanians believed that the financial situation of their household is good or very good, below the European average of 68%. As compared to the beginning of the year, the number of Romanians increased (13% in the spring to 18% in the autumn) in terms of anticipating a worsening of their economic situation in the next 12 months.

Regarding the employment situation, one in five Romanians consider it satisfactory throughout the country, while 46% were satisfied with the personal situation at work.

Two thirds of Romanians favour a common European energy policy. At the end of 2016, 55% of Romanians were in favour of a single currency, the EUR, as a symbol of European economic and monetary union, fewer as compared to the same period last year (63%).

Following the refugee crisis, three out of five Romanians favourably embraced the idea of creating a common European migration policy, the share is still below the European average (69%) and significantly down against 2015 (66%).

The survey states that, despite the positive attitude on the free movement of citizens, opinions differ regarding the contribution of immigrants from outside the EU for Romania. Thus, 36% of Romanians consider that there is a generally positive contribution from immigrants, while 57% disagree. The mobility of persons from other EU Member States is seen favourably by 57% of Romanians, as compared to only 35% in favour of immigration of people from countries outside the Union. Two out of five Romanians believe that the measures to combat illegal immigration of people from outside the EU should be preferably taken at national level, much above the EU average of 24%, but up against 2015 (24%).

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