European Commissioner Vera Jourova: The investigation on Kovesi is an obstruction to the competition for European Chief Prosecutor position


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The current investigation of Laura Codruta Kovesi is an obvious way to obstruct her from running for the European Chief Prosecutor position, European Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Protection Vera Jourova said on Thursday in Bucharest. Jourova has attended the conference ‘European Competition and Consumers’ Day’, informs.

“It is an ongoing investigation and a situation we do not comment on, however, we dislike seeing obstacles for Laura Codruta Kovesi in taking part to the competition for the European Chief Prosecutor position,” the European official said.

“Until yesterday, she could not leave the country, although the process of appointing the European chief prosecutor is underway and we observe the principle of presumption of innocence. We consider this an obstruction. I said it the last time when I met the Justice Minister in Brussels, that we want all participants to this process to be free to attend it, not to be obstructed, for example in their own country. We were very specific in this regard,” Jourova said.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) admitted on Wednesday Laura Codruta Kovesi’s appeal against the judicial control decided by prosecutor Adina Florea with the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates. Therefore, the ban against the former anti-corruption chief prosecutor to leave the country is lifted.

“I filed an appeal against this illegal measure. I brought evidence that this action had been illegal and groundless. (…) Now, I can leave the country, the judicial control has been cancelled and my appeal has been admitted,” Kovesi announced at the Supreme Court where she came for hearings.

The ICCJ judges’ ruling is final.

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