Eurostat: Romanians, among the Europeans most glued to screens outside of work

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A survey carried out in 15 EU countries between 2008 and 2015 shows that the time outside work that adults spend on screen-related activities, such as watching TV or other media, playing computer games, or other screen-based activities, ranges from over 3 hours in Greece to just below two hours in Italy, Eurostat informs.

The survey covers the age group 20 to 74.

In Greece, 95.1% of the population surveyed say that they engaged in screen-related activities outside work. They were followed by Finland (92.9%), Poland (91.6%) and Romania (91.5%).

The respondents from France (84.2%), Italy (84.5%) and Austria (87.0%) reported the lowest share of non-work time on screens.

For those reporting screen-based activities, the average participation time ranged from 3 hours 17 minutes in Belgium and 3 hours 14 minutes in Greece, to 2 hours 18 minutes in Italy.


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