Ex-ANAF chief Sorin Blejnar, put on trial for huge bribe

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The former president of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Sorin Blejnar, has been indicted on Thursday, next to other former directors of ANAF, for a huge bribe, around EUR 1.2 million, allegedly taken during May 2011-April 2012, as a “protection fee”, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) announced.

Blejnar’s wife, Andreea Florentina Blejnar has also been put to trial in this file, for charges of complicity to bribe taking. Other two former ANAF chiefs, Viorel Comăniță, ANAF Vice-President, leading the National Customs Authority at that time, and Sorin Florea, former deputy general commissioner of the Romanian I.R.S, have been indicted for bribe taking.

Defendants Blejnar Sorin, Comăniță Viorel and Florea Sorin received money from a businessman through intermediaries so that they should protect the illegal activity of the businessman’s company. Blejnar Andreea Florentina has been the one who received the money”, reads a DNA press release.

More precisely, the situation looks like that:

– Sorin Blejnar received EUR 1.2 million during May 2011-April 2012 
– Viorel Comăniță – EUR 960,000 during May 2011- May 2012 
– Sorin Florea –  EUR 300,000 May 2011- June 2012

Anti-corruption prosecutors argued the sums of money represented “a protection fee” paid by businessman Radu Nemeș so that the three ANAF chiefs should cover the illegal activity of his company.

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