Ex-director of Dinamo football club, Cristian Borcea, the alleged indicter in mayor Ontanu’s file

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Businessman Cristian Borcea, former director of Dinamo Football Club, is the indicter in the file of District 2 mayor Neculai Ontanu. According to judicial sources to Mediafax, Borcea is the one who would have resorted to Ontanu so that an owner should benefit of the illegal retrocession of a plot of land.

Cristian Borcea is currently serving a jail sentence in the high-sounding Transfers file. He was sentenced in 2014 to six years and four months in prison.

Moreover, Borcea was indicted early this year in a new file related to the transfers’one, next to former judge Geanina Terceanu, brothers Ioan and Victor Becali. While the former judge Terceanu is accused of bribe taking, the impresarios and the former director of Dinamo Football Club of bribe giving and the lawyers of perjury.
According to the prosecutors, the former judge allegedly received EUR 195,000 to declare innocent those involved in transfers file, acquitted in 2012.

District 2 mayor Neculai Ontanu was detained by the anti-corruption prosecutors on Wednesday evening for bribe taking, the National Anti-corruption Directorate informs. Ontanu was taken into custody for 24 hours. He will find out on Thursday if he is going to be detained for 30 days.

Loredana Radu, lawyer in the Bucharest Bar, former defender of ex-PM Victor Ponta, was also detained. She is charged with complicity to bribe and money laundering.

Prosecutors say that during 2006-2007, defendant Neculai Ontanu, mayor of District 2 Bucharest, accepted the promise of some financial benefits from another person, indicter in this case, to facilitate the procedure of the property right’s restitution on several plots of land totaling 83,500 square meters in the District 2 area.

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