Ex-DNA head Kovesi won’t give up bid for the EU chief prosecutor

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Laura Codruta Kovesi, former head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate, is contending for the seat of the next European Union prosecutor office, a first such position established within the EU, which is meant to investigate crimes related to the EU funds, such as corruption, embezzlement and money laundering.

In an interview to Politico, Kovesi reiterates her candidature, underlining that “under no circumstance” she will give up the race.

“”As long as this procedure is not finalized, I have a chance to get this job and I am fighting for my chance — until the last second,” the former anti-corruption head said.

Kovesi stated she has the need expertise to fight corruption and fund embezzlement across the EU and that under her helm, the DNA has become a model of good practices in southeastern Europe on fighteing corruption.

“Having investigated so many cases, that means I also know very well the typology of the crimes. Once you know how the deed is done, you also know how to catch them,” she said. “Corruption wasn’t invented in Romania. It’s not a new brand.”

Kovesi is racing with  French candidate Francois Bohnert for the EU chief prosecutor seat, with expectations that her chances will increase after the new European Parliament enters into office.

In case she is not obtaining though the position, Kovesi reveals that “there is always a plan B” and that she always has other plans as well. For now, her plan is to stick to his fight.

The fourth round of negotiations, and the last, for the appointment of the European chief prosecutor, between the European Council and the European Parliament, has failed to reach a conclusion on April 10.

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