Ex-intelligence deputy head Florian Coldea takes first stance following Dragomir’s accusations

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The former deputy head of the SRI director, Florian Coldea has refuted information revealed by ex-intelligence officer Daniel Dragomir, saying that anti-corruption indictments were actually made by the services’ agents. In an interview to ziare.com, Coldea denied that Dragomir was directly subordinated to him, while saying he has been sentenced for forgery and he is now resorting to any means to save himself.

Daniel Dragomir used to say that he is not guilty and he is just the victim of a plot orchestrated by the SRI’s former deputy director.

He has never been my aide or my deputy during his career in the Romanian Intelligence Service (…) He is a desperate man, worried about the magnitude of his criminal problems, who is willing to resort to any means. He is used by the others, within a larger plan, which is easy to decode,” Florian Coldea said.

He also denied any involvement of the SRI in the judiciary system, adding that intelligence officers have never made the indictments that prosecutors would send to courts.

“I was involved in cooperation activities with the Public Ministry’s prosecutors, including with DNA, but within our legal responsibilities (…) not in the prosecutors’ files any way,” Coldea pointed out.

Asked if it’s true that SRI is recruiting undercover officers among judges, Coldea said: “It’s the biggest and most dangerous lie persisting in the public space, through some people’s effort (….) There are no undercover agents in the justice system.

The former national intelligence no.2 thinks that the latest attacks against him and against SRI are part of an ample plan, actually directed against Romania.

There are domestic and foreign forces that would like the Romanian serves inhibited and withdrawn in barracks, so that some should be able to pursuit their plans and targets that have nothing to do with Romania’s interests,” Coldea stated.

Florian Coldea retired from the Romanian Intelligence Service early this year over a scandal related to his links to controversial businessman Sebastian Ghita, currently held in Serbia.

Retorting to Coldea’s interview, Daniel Dragomir says the former deputy director of SRI doesn’t actually answer any question in the interview.

I understood the interview’s topic, he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t answer any question. I understood he had gone to Disneyland and Seychelles following a military order. Nice missions,” Dragomir replied on Facebook.

Ex-PM Ponta: Coldea was more friend to Liviu Dragnea, I was more friend to George Maior

Attending a TV show at TVR1 on Monday night, former premier Victor Ponta also referred to the scandal involving the disclosures made by Daniel Dragomir, saying that PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea was closer to general Florian Coldea, while he was a friend of former SRI director George Maior, currently Romania’s ambassador to the USA.

Yet, Ponta denied he is planning to launch his new party together with George Maior.

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