Ex-leader of Teleorman county council prosecuted for renting areas of Danube island

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Former leader of the Teleorman County Council, Ionut Adrian Gadea, currently secretary of state in the Regional Development Ministry, is criminally prosecuted for abuse of office in the Belina island affair, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) informed on Thursday.

Gadea is prosecuted next to other former clerks of the county council for abuse of office if the public servant has obtained undue benefits in continued form.

Anti-corruption prosecutors accuse Ionut Adrian Gadea that, as Teleorman county council chairman, has clinched a lease contract with a private company and three other lease contracts with a private person in January 2014 to lease parts of Belina island and of Pavel horn on the Danube river (stretching on 80 hectares).

More precisely, the contracts have been signed for a ten-year period, for prices from RON 1,900/ha per month to RON 3,988/month, VAT excepted, without holding a public sale.

The beneficiaries of these lease contracts were entitled to fish breeding for sports and recreation fishing.

Prosecutors claim that by these contracts the Teleorman county council’s public interest have been injured, while the beneficiaries obtained undue benefits for themselves.

On the other hand, Hotnews.to reported in March this year about the Belina-Tel Drum-Liviu Dragnea triangle.

Tel Drum (e.n. where Liviu Dragnea’s alleged majority stockholder), the company that rented the lake Belina and the Pavel horn, PSD chair Liviu Dragnea’s favorite fishing place, asked and received from the Teleorman county council in 2014 the consent to lease the properties to a third company, but who is that company is not known,” said Hotnews, adding that Tel Drum rented 70 ha of the island for RON 7,000 per month.

The Cabinet led by former PM Victor Ponta Okayed that Belina island and the Pavel horn should pass from the administration of Romanian Waters state-owned company to the Teleorman county council in November 2013, the time when Adrian Gadea had just replaced Liviu Dragnea at the helm of the Teleorman county council.

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