Ex-minister Chitoiu indicted in the fatal car crash case

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Former minister Daniel Chițoiu has been officially indicted for manslaughter today in the file of the car crash that claimed two lives.

Daniel Chițoiu has come for the first time for hearings today, two weeks after he had been involved in the tragic car accident the second day on Christmas, in which two people died. The former ALDE minister has been stingy on statements, yet he denied he was talking on the phone during the accident.

He refused to give any statements, he had this right. He was indicted in the manslaughter file”, said the spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s Office upon Arges Tribunal.

“I have nothing to state“, the former minister said about the statement of the main eyewitness, the driver who was behind him on the road and who said that Chitoiu crashed into an oncoming car and hit the car of the victims.

Chitoiu also said he had not talked to the victims’ family, a 73yo woman and a 82yo man. Another person in the victims’ car was injured.

The accident occurred on December 26, 2019, but the former minister has not been heard so far because he was admitted in hospital for some alleged broken ribs.

Asked by the journalists how he explains the fact he got out of the car on his feet after the accident and talked to the policemen and he had been taken on a gurney later on, Chitoiu replied: “I came around that moment”.

There is also the suspicion that the former minister was talking on the mobile phone at the moment of the impact.

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