Ex-minister Elena Udrea miscarries one twin


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Former Tourism minister Elena Udrea, investigated in Romania for corruption, currently in Costa Rica, has announced she has miscarried one of her twins. Udrea announced in mid-February she was pregnant with twins.

Her lawyer Alexandru Chiciu has filed documents in court certifying she has miscarried one of the twins and that she is compelled to keep to her bed to avoid any risk of miscarrying the other baby.

The lawyer argued that the doctor had recommended the former minister total rest during pregnancy and banned her from travelling by plane, thus motivating her absence from the court hearing in the “Bute Gala” file. At the same time, he called for an adjournment of the hearing, but the judges have denied the request. Judge Ionut Matei was also part of the panel that denied Udrea’s motion; in the past Udrea accused Ionut Matei that he had been endorsed by the former deputy SRI director Florian Coldea to get a vice-president position at the Supreme Court in 2013.

Later on, Elena Udrea confirmed the miscarriage of one of the twins in a phone intervention at a TV show at Antena private broadcaster.

God wanted that way. He wanted to have one baby, so I am at peace. The same way he wanted me to have this baby now, when it was not among my priorities, when life is complicated enough and yet, all happened in less than a month. Now I must lie up for some time to avoid any risk. I haven’t obviously been ready for such a moment, I am learning every day. Now I’m fine, the pregnancy is normal after I miscarried one of the twins. I felt very well at the beginning and I think I’ve exaggerated with the effort, ignoring the doctors’ recommendations, I travelled, carried luggage…The doctors here were surprised by my situation,” Udrea told “Star Matinal”.

Elena Udrea, former Development and Tourism Minister in the Emil Boc cabinet, is prosecuted in several files, and is reportedly in Costa Rica, living in the same neighbourhood with the former National Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) head, Alina Bica, also prosecuted in some corruption files, who left Romania for Costa Rica at the end of last year.

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