Ex-minister involved in fatal car crash

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Former ALDE minister Daniel Chitoiu has been involved in a fatal car crash with two victims. Preliminary information revealed that the car driven by Chitoiu would have crashed into an oncoming car. Two people, a woman aged 73 and a 82-year-old man in the oncoming car, have died.

Policemen have opened a criminal record for second degree murder and bodily injury.

Sources within the investigators said that, right after the accident there were conflicting statements. Moreover, the position of the vehicles was not clarifying to prompt a clear hypothesis on who’s to blame.

Following the trail of the events, investigators have reached a first conclusion, namely that Daniel Chitoiu, who was alone in his car, would have come into the oncoming traffic.

The accident occurred in Zamfiresti, a locality in Arges county. Two people, the 73yo woman and the4 82yo man have died, while other two people are injured.

Daniel Chitoiu, currently ALDE secretary general, was also injured, and was transported to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, with three broken ribs.

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