Ex-PM Emil Boc, ex-minister Vasile Dincu and Health minister Florian Bodog, subpoenaed in doctor Lucan’s file

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Former Democrat-Liberal premier Emil Boc, now mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, Health Minister Florian Bodog and former minister Vasile Dincu have been subpoenaed at the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (DIICOT) as witnesses in the file where renowned urologist Mihai Lucan is investigated for embezzling money from the Cluj Urology and Transplant Institute (photo), judicial sources told new agencies.

The sources said that citations have been sent several days ago, but, on the other hand, the three officials claim they haven’t received any documents in this respect.

Therefore, Emil Boc, who was summoned for Thursday, hasn’t showed up at DIICOT and prosecutors say he might be brought by warrant.

USR deputy Emanuel Ungureanu, who worked at the Urology Institute in Cluj-Napoca when the institution was led by Mihai Lucan, has stated that the renowned urologist had been helped by mayor Emil Boc with his private clinic LukMed. Moreover, Lucan would have operated Emil Boc and was Boc’s private adviser on health problems at the government.

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Lawyer from Cluj, willing to represent pro bono Lucan’s victims

A lawyer from Cluj-Napoca, specialized in medical malpractice cases, announced he would represent pro bono all those who consider themselves as victims of doctor Mihai Lucan.

Dan Dorin Tătaru says he decided to represent the patients who have been prejudiced by professor Lucan for he knows the indicter in this case, USR deputy Emanuel Ungureanu.

In my view, this case and its revealing don’t target Lucan, but the entire healthcare system in Romania, which has made numerous victims in the past 28 years,” the lawyer said.

However, he admitted it’s going to be a hard case, for malpractice charges are hard to prove, as forensic expertizes are needed and these are conducted by forensic doctors who are part of the same healthcare system, which “is mainly favorable to the doctors”.

“I don’t want any money. I offered my services pro bono for, generally speaking, the victims of the malpractice cases are poor people, who cannot hire a lawyer,” Tătaru argued.


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