Ex-president Traian Basescu springs to his daughter’s defence

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Former president Traian Basescu says that criminal charges against his eldest daughter, Ioana Basescu, don’t stand, adding that he will publicly defend her.

“I was exerting my term as president at that time (in 2009). I didn’t manage the electoral campaign or anything else and I would not refer to the entire file, for it seems it’s a much larger case. However, I’ll restrict myself to publicly defend my daughter. I gulped once, when it was my brother’s file. I also gulped it when I saw the final sentence (…) they considered strictly the evidence against my brother and not the evidence favoring him (…) I know the media effect (…) of what was officially announced or what the DNA said off the record to the media,” the former president told B1TV.

Traian Basescu fought the charges against his eldest daughter: “For instance, my daughter is charged with two crimes of instigation related to the campaign financing, instigation to money laundering and abuse of office (…) She is not accused of receiving money from anywhere. Let me tell you about instigation (…) Until the new law on the campaign financing, politicians used to go and ask for sponsorships for their campaign. Some gave you money for the campaign, other didn’t. Well, asking money for the campaign means instigation, in my daughter’s case,” Traian Basescu argued.

As for the money laundering charge, the former head of state pointed out that it was money that a friend of Ioana received in an account of a private company.

“She used to have at that time a friend who received some money in an account from a private company that is not accused of having illegally given that money. The sum was spent the way the administrator, the company’s owner, thought. For she was involved in a relationship with the company’s owner at that time, but she was not shareholder at that company-she used to tell him stuff about the campaign’s needs, he has got involved in the campaign. Although she was not either administrator or shareholder of that company, she was charged with instigation to money laundering. What money laundering are we talking about when the money comes from a company that transferred it in an account? And the private company admits that it transferred the money. What the company’s owner did with that money became instigation by my daughter,” Basescu explained.

The former president also said that her daughter went to the DNA, talked about 10 minutes with the case prosecutor, then waited for four hours in the lobby and after that the prosecutor told her to go home, without allowing her to see her file.

Basescu also referred to another accusation against his daughter related to some air-travel tickets.

“I see a charge that two air-travel tickets to Cuba have been bought from the account of my daughter’s partner. At that time, in 2009, my daughter had a Havana representation in Bucharest. She went there on an annual basis. My daughter has always given the money to her ex-boyfriend, but he was the one who bought the tickets (…) The money couldn’t get to me. I didn’t ask for money, I was president and went to the campaign HQs from time to time. I was not involved at all (…) A candidate is never managing his campaign’s financing, it’s a general rule,” Basescu also stated.

He slammed the anti-corruption chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, saying she is “a big disillusion” and accused her of turning the activity of DNA and of the prosecutor’s offices into a show.

“This is not helping to consolidating the judiciary, the rule of law, the society’s evolution,” Basescu concluded.

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