Ex-PSD leader Liviu Dragnea remains to serve jail time at Rahova Penitentiary

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The review committee of the Rahova Penitentiary has decided on Tuesday that the former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea should remain imprisoned in this penitentiary. The committee has also denied him an open detention regime.

After serving one fifth of his jail time, Dragnea can ask for his case to be re-analysed.

The former SocDem leader had however asked to remain at Rahova Penitentiary, so that his family and close friends should be able to visit him.

The leader of the Federation of the National Policemen Trade Unions, Dumitru Coarna revealed to mass media the past weekend that Liviu Dragnea would have filed a request to be transferred to Vanjulet penitentiary in Mehedinti county, dubbed to be a 5-star prison.

The Vanjulet Penitentiary has a capacity of 2,000 seats and it is the most modern detention facility in Romania. It was commissioned in 2006 and it’s practically a closed town, having all necessary utilities: it has its own water treatment plant, thermal power plant, a modern dry cleaning, a sports field and medical office, all equipped by the European standards.

On May 28, Dragnea was sentenced in a final ruling to three years and six months in prison in the Teleorman fictitious file.


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