EXCLUSIVE: The Met in London runs project to make Romanians in UK apply for Police jobs


London Metropolitan Police is undergoing the Romanian Community Confidence Project aiming at improving the Romanian community’s confidence in the local police and also at attracting the members of the Romanian community in the UK to apply for jobs in the Police.

The eight-week project coordinated by Romanian Adriana Mandresi was initiated on July 13 and will end on September 13.

“I work directly with Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, who has some considerable expertise in Public Confidence matters and in their absence to the Deputy Borough Commander Sean Wilson. By this project, the Metropolitan Police is trying to build a relationship with the Romanian community in Barking and Dagengam (…) From my point of view, the Metropolitan Police is very eager and open to build a correct and successful relationship with the Romanian community in London, UK,” Adriana Mandresi told us.Chief Supt Taylor (small) (2)

“As the Borough Commander for Barking and Dagenham Police I am very keen to build relationship up with the Romanian community to help to improve confidence in the local police. But more importantly to involve and engage our community to help resolve local issues such as Anti-Social Behaviour and to reduce the numbers of crimes in the borough. I am very keen to work in partnership with all the communities.

Examples of such initiatives are: becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch, a volunteer that works with the police and if you are a young person you can join The Volunteer Police Cadets”, Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor (photo) told a press release sent to our editorial office.

According to the  Chief Superintendent Taylor, their duty is to inform the Eastern European community on how the police work.

“The police are willing to demonstrate their commitment and ability to treat the Romanian community fairly and to mediate impartially between the interests of different communities in the borough.

In order to fulfill their obligations, to deliver their services promptly, and in an equal and unbiased manner to all members of society, the police must be responsive to the needs and concerns of the Romanian community.

In order to learn about the needs and concerns of the Romanian community, and to have their support in crime prevention, the police strive to gain their trust and establish partnerships with these communities based on accountability, mutual respect and communication on an equal footing,“ he also said.

The initiators of the project plan to popularize it in the media, through the agency of Orthodox priests living in UK, while the same methodology is to be applied in other districts in London.

The project is to explore further methodology to be used by policing to improve public confidence, compare with other elements of the public sector and policing both nationally and internationally, to liaise with the statutory partners who work in Barking and Dagenham Borough, how to apply such methodology in an ever changing culturally diverse and dynamic environment, the initiators explained.

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