Extended investigation in the miners’ riot file. Iliescu and Roman heard, number of victims rises

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Former president Ion Iliescu and former Prime Minister Petre Roman have been heard in the 1990 Miners’ riot file on Monday, with prosecutors informing them that the investigation had been extended after the number of the victims had increased. Both Iliescu and Roman are charged with crimes against humanity for violently repressing the protests in Universitate Square in Bucharest in 1990.

They were indicted in December 2016.

Ion Iliescu stayed about half of hour in the Prosecutor’s Office headquarters, refusing to make any statements upon leaving.

Prosecutors have informed Ion Iliescu and Petre Roman that after checking the archives of the arrest centers in Bucharest in 1990 they established that there were more victims following the miners’ riot in 1990 than initially thought. Yet, the Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t revealed the number.

Besides Iliescu and Roman, former SRI head Virgil Magureanu, former minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu, Adrian Sarbu and former miners’ leader Miron Cozma are also defendants in this case.

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