Extensive searches in Caracal following new lead in the murder case

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Investigators have a new lead in the murder cases in Caracal after policemen received an information that Alexandra Măceșanu, the 15yo girl reported missing and allegedly killed after being kidnapped and raped, would be alive, being sequestrated in the attic of a house.

Extensive searches are being now conducting in several locations in Caracal, including in the town’s lake area.

Nothing has been discovered so far.

Investigations were prompted by the statement of a local woman who said she had got a message on social media that Alexandra is alive and is in the attic of a house, not far from the aggressor’s place. The message said “it was an abandoned house with willow trees“.

The message also said that somebody should search for the girl in the attic, “for she is tied up and risks starving“, Digi 24 reported.

Police officers have also searched the house of one of Gheorghe Dincă’s neighbours, looking in the house and in the attic. The man says he had no connections with Dincă. “We were not in good relations, he has never come to my place, I haven’t been in his house either. You can realise, he avoided me. This is his real side. I knew he was violent”, the neighbour said.

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