Extracurricular programme and Enrichment Activities at International School of Bucharest

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Research informs us that extra-curricular activities offer an invaluable dimension to children’s education. They provide a forum for self-discovery and help to build self-esteem. Exposing children to new interests previously undiscovered. Extra-curricular activities also enable children to learn important life skills such as teamwork and time management and living a healthy lifestyle.

At ISB the highest priority is placed on achieving the best outcomes for academic achievement, but equally we recognise that a broad and balanced enrichment programme is essential to help our students develop into healthy, ‘well rounded’ citizens prepared for the future. We encourage participation and celebrate successes in the arts and sports and endeavour to provide a variety of opportunities for children to shine.

ISB students have the opportunity to participate in an extensive afterschool enrichment programme. We offer over 100 extracurricular activities throughout the year. In September we survey the children to find out what their interests are and which skills they would like to develop. The enrichment coordinator uses her local knowledge and expertise to appoint experienced teachers and trainers to lead the clubs for the children. This year children have opted to play and instrument (drums, violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, or vocals) learn a new sport (basketball, football, volleyball, athletics, swimming or table tennis, dance, karate or gymnastics) they may choose to learn a new language (French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Romanian or Turkish) alternatively children may choose to develop their skills in arts and craft or a drama or a technology based course e.g. robotics.

At secondary level we also acknowledge that entry to UK universities is becoming more and more competitive, gaining A’s and A* in A Levels or high scores in IB may no longer guarantee automatic entry to university. Universities are increasingly looking to achievements in extracurricular activities to support student applications. In addition to the after school enrichment programme, ISB secondary students also have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award programme, NASA Space Settlement Contest, and The World Scholars Cup and also support various community projects.

Please check www.isb.ro for further information on the ISB extracurricular programme and education offer.

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