Face masks might not be mandatory anymore in open, uncrowded spaces


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Romania is on a downward trend of the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic, but this doesn’t mean the danger of the virus is out, said Health minister Ioana Mihăilă. Referring to the lifting of some restrictions that the Government might consider as of June 1, the minister said she will propose that the face mask should not be mandatory anymore in open, uncrowded spaces.
“We are on a downward trend of the third Covid wave. It doesn’t mean we got rid of the virus, but that we can expect things will be a little bit easier in the upcoming period”, minister Mihăilă told Europa FM.
She added that the decline of the new infections, of the number of patients in intensive care will bring along easing restrictions, including the permit for as many children as possible to return to school.

“Wearing face masks in open, uncrowded spaces is one aspect, when the risk of transmission is low and it will probably be one of the first restrictions to be lifted. Open space means open air. It will probably be more difficult to define what uncrowded means, but maybe we’d recommend more caution and mandatory face mask at events with many attendees, at sports competitions or in bus stations, if they are crowded”, the minister explained.

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