Facebook’s fight against clickbait reaches Romania. No more ‘wow’ titles in the Romanians’ news feeds

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Starting today, Facebook users from Romania will see less clickbait headlines, after the social network has extended the policy to cap them to our country as well.

Besides posts in Romanian, the new policies will be also valid for the content of other five languages, namely Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek and Hindi.

The changes comes following the Facebook users’ feedback against fake news that are usually capturing attention through sensational titles, which may be considered as spam.

The policy announced now is the result of our activity in the past years, which aimed at updating the News Feed in order to diminish the number of impressions of the posts that are constantly using clickbait headlines, an thus presenting fake or exaggerated news. Today, the result of these constant updates is also available in the Romanian language, so that Facebook users in Romania should be able to see as less clickbait posts as possible and as many authentic news as possible,” says the company.

What kind of content is targeted? All headlines that distort the information, by intentionally skipping essential details, or that mislead users, so that they should click on a link to find the answer. For instance, a title like “You won’t believe WHO showed up on the party...”

Also targeted by the new anti-clickbait policy are those titles that exaggerate the details of a story/information by using a sensational language, such as ‘Wow! Ginger tea is the elixir of endless youth. YOU MUST see that!’

More about Facebook’s recommendations on how to avoid fake news is available here.

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