False bomb alert at office building in Bucharest


There was a bomb alert at an office building in Bucharest on Thursday, with police teams intervening on the scene. The office building is near Aurel Vlaicu subway station, in District 2 of the Capital city.

A man suspected of announcing the existence of an explosive device inside the office building has been taken for hearings at the Bucharest Police.

The building has been evicted and blasters were still searching the building, but in the end they established it had been a false alarm.

“We have a possible suspect, a man who is believed to have called 112 and he is being heard at the police. The colleagues from the Pyrotechnical Department ended to check up the basement. There are 26 floors to check, the intervention will take time. The traffic in the area is deviated to avoid any danger,” the Police spokesperson told Mediafax.

Blasters are continuing searches, while hundreds of people working in the building have been evicted.

If it is a false bomb alert, the one who alerted the police in the first place will end up with a criminal record and risks paying the intervention.

The Romanian Intelligence Service said that they hadn’t been notified until the news was broadcast in the mass media.

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