Families in Bucharest to receive RON 2,500 for each newborn

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A financial incentive of RON 2,500 (approx. EUR 550) will be granted to each newborn, reads a draft decision approved on Thursday by the Bucharest General Council by 49 votes in favour and one abstention.

Mayor General Gabriela Firea said, at the beginning of the sitting, that the amount will be granted for the newborns bon in state maternities and in private ones, in order to avoid discrimination, considering that the incentive is granted to the child.

“Practically, I believe that this financial incentive will put an end to the so-called ‘invisible children’ phenomenon – children born, living in families, but they don’t have a birth certificate, an identity card, they cannot be vaccinated, they can’t go to school,” Firea said.

The amounts will be granted by the General Directorate for Social Assistance of the Municipality of Bucharest.

In order to obtain the incentive, at least one of the parents must have their domicile or residence in Bucharest, and the birth of the child to be registered in a maternity hospital within the hospital units with beds in Bucharest. The application for incentives will be submitted to the DGASMB, together with the supporting documents: the child’s birth certificate; a standardized request; hospital exit ticket/medical certificate of birth issued by the health unit; account statement for the bank transfer, as the case may be.

The deadline for submitting the file is one month from the date of the child’s birth.

The incentive is motivated by the many costs a young family needs to make when a newborn comes to the world.




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