Family doctor, 31 years of experience, files to become stretcher-bearer. His wage will double…

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Family physician Adrian Darabantiu from Arad (western Romania), also known for being president of the Arad Association for Family Medicine, filed on Monday for employment as stretcher-bearer with the County Emergency Clinical Hospital (SCJU).

As stretcher-bearer, he would earn twice as much as now, after 31 years of family medicine, saying that “there is a gap” between the incomes of employees in hospitals and the other employees in the health care system, reports.

Adrian Darabantiu has filed the file to also protest against the huge wage gaps in the health care system.

“A stretcher-bearer can earn more than RON 4,000, while I, after 31 years of work, I earn half of this amount, although I have a medical office over the average size of about 2,500 patients. My colleagues have 1,500 patients, their office collects about RON 10,000 per month, so the doctor leaves home with less than RON 2,000 per month, even RON 1,500, after he has paid the employees, the bills and all taxes,” Darabantiu said.


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