File on anti-PSD plates registered in Sweden will be closed, Police say


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The criminal file opened on the driver with anti-PSD car plates will be closed. The Police have announced that they will propose to the Prosecutor’s Office to close the investigation. Moreover, the Police Chief has requested an investigation into the contradictory communications of his subordinates on the matter, reports.

The license plates, withdrawn by the Swedish authorities, will be sent to that country and the driver will be allowed to go on traffic with the permanent plates.

Răzvan Ștefănescu, the driver from Sweden with anti-PSD plates, said on Tuesday, while at the Traffic Police offices, that he will file a criminal complaint because his son had to attend the hearings, which lasted several hours.

Eva Isaksen, spokesperson for the Transport Agency in Sweden stated on Tuesday that the registration plates with an anti-PSD message will be revoked on Wednesday by the Swedish authorities.

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the car registered in Sweden with personalized plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), had his driving license suspended and the license plates confiscated by the Romanian Police on Monday.

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