Fin Min Teodorovici says that Romania could legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes

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Romania could legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has announced on Wednesday, adding that the Ministry of Health has a committee to analyze this option.

“I’ve also discussed with Health Minister Sorina Pintea and I’ve also learned that such a committee with the Ministry of Health will analyze and argue the legalization of cannabis use for medical purposes, for those diagnosed, especially in the cancer area, legalization is being considered. There is a medical argument that justifies such a legalization procedure,” Teodorovici said, according to

The Minister of Finance said that “there is already a European practice and the justification is that it is probably a way to reduce the suffering.”

Asked about the legalization of cannabis use for recreation, he replied that it is premature to say it now. “We always relate to what is in other states, there are practices that have advantages. In Romania many see the disadvantages, not just about this topic. It is premature to say,” he said.

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