FinMin Teodorovici’s diploma at the Intelligence Academy, quashed. The National Intelligence College’s activity suspended, all diplomas checked

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“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy has announced that the activity of the National Intelligence College has been suspended following checks prompted by Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici’s statement that he has graduated a course without attending the classes. His diploma will be invalidated.

In October last year, Teodorovici revealed he had graduated a course at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy without actually attending the classes and that he had received the diploma at home.

“The inquiry committee has started checks on all graduates of these courses from the National Intelligence College’s establishment until today. The activity of the college is suspended,” the Intelligence Academy informs in a press release on Wednesday.

According ti the committte investigaitng the case, Eugen Teodorovici has filed a request and documents to the intelligence college to take this course, has taken the entrance examination, he has paid the tuition fee associated with the course, but he has not taken the reviews for the three subjects for which he had obtained marks, he has not taken the examination to certify his qualifications and has not taken personally the graduation certificate at the Academy’s HQs.

Therefore, his diploma has been invalidated.

The representatives of the intelligence academy also say that the “people responsible for breaking the examination procedures and the awarding of the diplomas have no contract with the Academy or with the National Intelligence Service (SRI) anymore.”

While being invited to a show on TVR in October 2017, Teodorovici stated that he had received a diploma from the National Intelligence Academy without attending the classes. The former minister said he hadn’t taken his diploma personally, but that “someone had brought it to him”, somebody he did not know.

It was a master or a post-graduate course, I don’t know for sure (…) I didn’t go to take the diploma, somebody brought it to me (…) I didn’t know that person,” Teodorovici said.

Mr. Eugen Teodorovici has graduated the National Intelligence College in 2013, namely a 45-day post-graduate course dedicated to the civilians. The incumbent Senate of the National Intelligence Academy was notified to check Mr. Teodorovici’s graduation conditions,” said the “Mihai Viteazul” Academy back then.

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