First coronavirus case confirmed in Romania. The patient is fine, hospital manager says

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Romania has the first confirmed case of coronavirus as of Wednesday. It’s a person who got in contact with the Italian citizen who tested positive for Covid-19 and who traveled last week in our country. The Italian would have taken part in a hunting party in Gorj county.

A second person, an Italian who traveled to Romania, has also tested positive for coronavirus, being detected once he got back to Italy.

“Unfortunately, we have to inform you that, after testing people in Gorj who got in contact with the Italian citizen, we have the first Covid-19 case on Romania’s territory. The patient is in good condition, has no symptoms yet, we don’t have to panic, the patient is to be transported to “Matei Bals” hospital in Bucharest. We have other 33 tests in progress and we’ll communicate further details as soon as possible. This person from Gorj who tested positive for coronavirus attended the hunting party with the Italian, had a direct contact with him,” said the Health Minister Victor Costache in a press conference last night, without revealing many details about the identity of the person from Gorj.

In his turn, the Head of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat said there are another 7 people in the house with the Romanian who tested positive for Covid-19, but they all tested negative.

However, all those 7 people will remain confined at home, into protective custody, and authorities will take all necessary steps to provide them with all the supplies they need, food, medicines, etc.

Arafat said those people will be tested again after 14 days, the incubation period and if they test positive they will be admitted to hospital.

Mass media reported the Romanian infected with Coronavirus is a 25-year-old young man from Prigoria commune. He was working at the bar owned by the Italian citizen in the village. The two met in the first night the Italian came to the locality, meaning a week ago. The Romanian has been in quarantine for three days, Digi24 reported.

At the same time, the schools and all sports and cultural activities in the village of Prigoria have been suspended.

According to procedures, small localities are placed in quarantine after three confirmed cases. Only then the localities will  be shut down, no one comes is, no one comes out.

73 people who got in contact with the Italian and the Romanian confirmed with coronavirus have been tested so far, with tests being sent to “Matei Bals” Institute in Bucharest.

Hospital manager: Patient is fine, he’s just a carrier

The first Romanian patient who tested positive for coronavirus is OK and has no symptoms yet, the “Matei Bals” Infectious Disease Institute in Bucharest, doctor Adrian Streinu Cercel said in a press conference today.
“We have good news, the patient from Gorj is fine“, the hospital manager said.

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