First electric buses in Romania hit the road in Cluj-Napoca

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The first ten electric buses in Romania, paid by the Swiss Government (over RON 27 million), have hit the road in Cluj-Napoca. Other 30 more such buses are expected to reach our country next year.

The electric buses will cut the emission of toxic gases by 140 tons on a monthly basis. Produced in Poland, the brand new buses are even more modern than the ones in Switzerland or Germany.

The price of an electric bus is about half million Euros, except VAT, and the expenses for the purchase of the first 11 buses have been covered by the Swiss Government (95%) and by the local budget (15%). The rest of the buses will be acquired by European and local funds.

The buses will have autonomy of 105 kilometers and a five-year guarantee. The producer will provide the maintenance costs and the replacement parts.

The buses will be charged in 13 fast and in-depot stations: in-depot charging will take 6 hours, while a fast one will take only ten minutes.

The buses have a 78-seat capacity, have Wi-Fi on board, video cameras, air conditioning and special platform for disabled people.

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