First potential relaxation measures in Romania after May 15 revealed

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Romanian PM Ludovic Orban has announced on Friday which potential measures could be taken after May 15, when the state of emergency ends and several social distancing and lockdown restrictions might be lifted.

If the activity is resumed across school and universities, students and pupils might be compelled to wear face masks and there might be also a sorting in schools and other public institutions through measuring the temperature of anyone entering the public buildings.

The PM voiced his optimism regarding the opening of parks and hotels, while the opinions remain pessimistic as far as the restaurants and cafes are concerned.

“There have been many ideas under consideration and there are good ideas. For instance, there is the proposal of having triages across schools or offices, through the thermo scanners. So, companies, public institutions will have to be equipped with electronic thermometers. If a person has a temperature higher than 37C, he/she will not be allowed in the building and will undergo a medical check and even take a COVID-19 test,” the Romanian PM said.

At the same time, thermo scanners might be used in airports both upon arrival and on departure of the passengers.

Orban said a set of strict rules must be enforced. “There will be no restrictions for hotels. They could accommodate even one person in a two-bed room, or several people in one room if they are family members. As for restaurants and cafes, the opinions are still under doubts, for the epidemiological risk is higher,” he explained.

As for parks, the PM said if certain social distancing rules are observed they could be re-opened earlier.

As for schools resuming activity, PM Orban said wearing face masks will be mandatory for pupils and teachers. “Romania’s President has already announced that wearing masks will be mandatory in public closed spaces. Schools are closed spaces. If the activity is resumed across schools, students and pupils will be compelled to wear face masks. The Government is compelled to provide masks for the pupils who cannot buy masks”, he added.

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  1. Ronald Agius says

    My opinion opening of restaurants for the moment would be a very dangerous decision and can be contagious, it will re open again spread of the Virus, one has to remember that there are a lot of virus carriers, which even themselves do not know.

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