First US military convoys enter Romania


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The first elements of military equipment of the Task Force Cougar detachment entered Romania last evening, at the Nădlac customs, the Ministry of Defense announces.

The convoys spent the night at Nădlac, heading to the Mihail Kogălniceanu military base in Constanta this morning.

The convoy consists of armored personnel carriers and military equipment had a special border crossing lane.

The commander of the 191st Arad Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Ioan Sorin Semeniuc, who greeted the American trucks, said that they come from Germany and go to the Mihail Kogalniceau Base in Constanta County.

The first convoy of a series of three carrying military equipment from the Nadlac Border Crossing Point to the Mihail Kogalniceau base entered the country. The officers have already gone through the customs formalities, the other two convoys are going to go through the same formalities, and when the last driver arrives in the parking lot, all of them will execute the legal rest time, then they will start the movement escorted by military police crews,” Semeniuc said.

Each of the three convoys consists of 16 trucks.

The American detachment that will be stationed in Romania will be called Task Force (TF) Cougar and will consist mainly of soldiers of the 2nd Squadron Battalion (2nd Squadron) / 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The U.S. military will operate with Stryker armored personnel carriers, to which soldiers will be added with other specialties from the regiment’s battalions (artillery, genius, support structures, etc.).

The Ministry of National Defense announced that the rest of the fighting technique, as well as the soldiers of this battalion, will arrive in Romania in the next period.

The Pentagon reported last week that 1,000 U.S. troops would be repositioned from Germany to Romania.

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