Five Iraqis hidden in a minibus trying to illegally enter Romania, caught by Border Police

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Border Police at the Calafat border crossing point have discovered five Iraqis who were trying to illegally enter Romania, hidden in a specially designed space inside a minibus driven by a Bulgarian citizen. The driver and the five Iraqis were handed over to Bulgarian authorities for investigations, reports.

On Tuesday, at 00:30h, at the Border Crossing Point Calafat, Dolj County, the Bulgarian citizen K. Georgiev, 34, driving an unloaded Iveco minibus, arrived at the entry to Romania.

Following the inspection, the team of Romanian and Bulgarian border police discovered, behind the driver’s seat, a double wall. In the specially designed compartment were discovered, hidden, five men.

In the preliminary investigations, it was established that the persons, who had no travel documents on them, are Iraqis aged between 18 and 22 years.

They declared they left Iraq and crossed illegally into Turkey, then into Bulgaria, where they were picked up by K. Georgiev, Bulgarian citizen, who hid them in the minibus for the amount of EUR 5,000 to transport them to Germany.

According to the Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, the driver and the five migrants were handed over to the Bulgarian Border Police.


Photo: Border Police

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