Five Romanians born in 1918, celebrated in Bucharest within centenary project

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Steliana Bardaş, Bică Elena, Constanţa Petre, Vasile Ghiţă and Gârlea Simion, are five Romanians born in 1918, who have been invited in Bucharest to be celebrated within the project “A life as long as a Centennial”, marked by the Interior Ministry on Thursday.

Elena Bică has turned 100 early this week. During the event on Thursday, she reminded the tough time she had to live through during WWII and the effort she made to provide medical aid for the soldiers injured on the battlefield.

100yo Simion Gârlea also reminded the war as if it were yesterday. “It’s not easy in the war. We took the train from Constanta on September 6, 1942 and we traveled by train to Russia for a month. When we arrived at Tighina after four months of walking…we kissed the land,” he said, lobbying for the union with Bessarabia.

In her turn, Constanţa Petre also reviewed the life she had since the war. “It was very hard for us during the war because of the Russian occupation….My life was also good and bad. After the war, there was drought and famine. It was better with King Michael. The Revolution (from 1989) was a release, but it was not a favorable turn, but a negative one,” she said.

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