Five Romanians injured in a car accident in London in an alleged deliberate act

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Five Romanian citizens were injured in Bellingham, southeastern London on Sunday by a drunken driver who has allegedly crashed into them on purpose.

According to the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry, one of them is in critical condition and three are stable and they are hospitalized at King’s College London and Royal London Hospital. Another one was discharged.

A representative of the Romanian diplomatic mission went to the hospital where the victims were admitted to provide them with assistance.

The ministry also said that the Romanian diplomatic mission in the UK had notified the families of the injured citizens.

A drunken man was arrested on Sunday morning, suspected with dangerous driving after he had injured five persons in SE London.

The metropolitan police informed that the car driven by the man has practically ploughed into several pedestrians before colliding into a wall in Bellingham area. Four men and a women, aged from 25 to 46 were injured, with three of them in critical condition.

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