Floods in western, eastern and southern Romania, Code Red warning for flashfloods on Friday


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Dozens of households in Timis County (western Romania) have been flooded on Thursday and hundreds have been evacuated, with the region being under Code Red until Friday morning. In Botosani (north-eastern Romania) a tractor was taken away by the water and the driver was rescued in the last minute by firefighters.

In Timis County the locals are afraid of floods, as they remember the ones in 2005 which destroyed several localities. Bega River has the same depth as back then, realitatea.net reports.

Up to now, 46 households were flooded and 11 people have been evacuated.

In Bata, Arad County, the houses have been flooded and two people have been evacuated.

In Arges County, torrential rain has led to floods in the city’s outskirts. In Campulung and Bascov commune lots of households were flooded on Thursday.

In Hunedoara the water quantities during the rains reached 40 litres per square metre, during the Code Orange hundreds of households were flooded.

The hydrologists have announced that 33 counties are under Code Yellow for floods until Friday at 24.00h.

Code Orange for floods is in force until 16.00h in the counties of Timis and Caras-Severin.

The risk of floods is in force for the following hydrographic basins: Crasna, Barcau, Crisul Repede, Crisul Negru, Crisul Alb, Mures, Bega Veche, Bega, Timis, Barzava, Moravita, Caras, Nera, Cerna, Jiu, Olt, Arges, Ialomita, Buzau, Barlad, Prut, the Danube’s small tributaries upstream of Golden Gates II.


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