Floreasca Hospital fined over burnt patient, doctor Beuran sacked

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Floreasca Emergency Hospital has been fined over the case of the patient who died after suffering severe burns during surgery.

The fine mounts to RON 20,000. At the same time, surgeon Mircea Beuran, the coordinator of the surgery in that case, has been dismissed from the position of chief of surgery, Health Minister confirmed. The dismissal has been Okayed by the Floreasca Hospital manager, Ionuț Negoi.

According to a preliminary report, professor doctor Mirce Beuran, the head of the Surgery Section III, has broken 10 duties of those 33 assumed through the managing contract of the section.

As for the doctors and nurses who attended the surgery, they have also been fined by RON 2,000 each, RON 10,000 overall.

The official conclusions of the check conducted in this case by the Health Ministry’s Control Body and by the State Health Inspection will be released by the Health minister Victor Costache in a press conference on Tuesday morning.

However, several doctors from the Floreasca Hospital announced they will stop activity, providing assistance only for the urgent cases, in protest against the sanctions applied to the hospital. They also say it is “regrettable” that surgeon Mircea Beuran had been sacked before the investigation had been concluded.


The National Authority for the Quality Management in Healthcare, the body that accredits hospitals in Romania, has announced last week that it has stripped Floreasca Hospital of its accreditation over the incident before Christmas in a operating room when a 66-year-old woman, suffering of pancreatic cancer, suffered burns on 40% of her body during a surgery on December 22. The authority argues that the hospital should have reported the incident in 24 hours, by the law.

The hospital covered the case, which was revealed by a USR lawmaker, after Christmas.

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