Food alert for listeria bacteria! Several supermarket chains recall or withdraw frozen products

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Food alert on the listeria bacteria, and large supermarket chains announce customers to bring back frozen fruits and vegetables and get their money back.

Romania has been officially notified that it could be affected by contaminated products with the bacteria that killed 9 people in Europe, reports.

Several supermarket chain have decided to withdraw and recall frozen products such as strawberries, peas, beans, corn, spinach, Mexican mixes for soups.

Mega Image, Carrefour, Metro, Profi, Penny and Lidl have announced their customers to return such products for which they will receive the money back, even without the receipt. Supermarkets representatives say it’s just a precaution.

The test results conducted by the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) are expected today (Wednesday).

ANSVSA announced last week that it has received a notification regarding the presence in Romania of frozen products manufactured by Greenyard in Hungary, suspected of being infested with the listeria bacteria, which were withdrawn from stores in the EU Member States.

Doctors advise consumers to boil the vegetables and the frozen fruits before they are consumed.

In case of contamination, the symptoms are similar to those of flu, but if the bacteria penetrate into the nervous system, then it can cause confusion, convulsions, and loss of balance.




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