Food alert, listeria infected products withdrawn from sale by supermarket


The National Sanitary Veterinary Agency for Food Safety (ANSVSA) has announced the withdrawal from sale of several roe salads and humus, on sale at Carrefour Romania, following the evidence they are infected with Listeria monocytogenes.

The company has called on the customers to destroy the products or to bring them back to the store in order to get the money back, informs.

The products are: carp roe salad by Carrefour – Lot 2408 / DLC 13.10.2018 – EAN Code: 6420169005328; Lot 2408 / DLC 13.10.2018 – EAN Code: 6420169005304; Lot 2408 / DLC 13.10.2018 – EAN Code: 6420169005298;

Humus salad by Carrefour – Lot 264 / DLC 06.10.2018, EAN Code: 5941850531175.

“The persons who have consumed the products and have fever and/or headaches are requested to see the doctor and to report the fact they have eaten the product. Pregnant women, the elderly are asked to pay attention to the symptoms. Such symptoms may suggest Listetiosis, a serious disease with an incubation period of eight weeks,” a ANSVSA release reads.



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