Former AC/DC star went to the dentist in Romania


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A former vocalist of AC/DC rock band, Dave Evans went to the dentist in Romania, to a dental clinic in Pitesti, Digi24 reported.

Evans has been in Romania for several months to perform and has been advised to see a dentist in Romania, for there good high quality dental services here and lower costs than in the West. The rock star has undergone a ten-day dental treatment in Pitesti.

Dave Evans has been the first vocalist of AC/DC, after responding to a classifieds ad launched by the band’s founders. He briefly sang for them during 1973-1974. He appeared on the band debut single before being fired and replace with Bon Scott. Evans then went on to join the band Rabbit who were active into the early 1980s. He resumed a solo career shortly after the year 2000.

Now, aged 65, Evans joined  „The ROCK”, the most known band in Romania inspired by the AC/DC music.

Romania is famous for the dental tourism in the summer, particularly in July and August, which are the most profitable months for the Romanian dentists as more and more foreigners are coming to our country to fix their teeth.

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