Former Agriculture Minister Decebal Traian Remeș wins lawsuit against TVR and DNA

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Former Agriculture Minister Decebal Traian Remeş has won the lawsuit against the public television (TVR) and the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for disclosing in 2007 the evidence related to the so-called ‘Caltabosul’ (Sausage) file. The ruling is final, was made last week.

The High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) has decided that Remes is to receive RON 15,000 as compensation from TVR, DNA and journalist Rodica Culcer (the head of the TVR news department at the time), informs.

Decebal Traian Rames had also sued former President Traian Basescu, however the courts ruled that the latter has no procedural involvement.

In October 2007, during the DNA investigation in the ‘Caltabosul’ file, TVR broadcasted a footage regarding a meeting between Remes and the former Agriculture Minister Ioan Avram Muresan, showing the latter handing an envelope to Remes, and several audio recordings regarding auctions.

“I haven’t won the lawsuit at the ECH, I am waiting in line. Secondly, it was not about an envelope. All my battle was against the prosecutors who accused me of deeds without having evidence. There was no statement from anyone and no document as evidence against me. The recordings haven’t revealed there was an envelope, an issue recognized including in the conviction sentence. I attacked by opening this lawsuit and I have received a civil decision by the Braşov Court of Appeal, upheld as irrevocable by the ICCJ regarding the following deeds:

DNA conducted recordings during October 7-8, which I have not seen, have not been seen by the ICCJ, because they have not been included in the file, have not been seen by the Judicial Inspection either, so they were edited. The Judicial Inspection says so. The variants not agreed by the prosecutors were destroyed by a police officer who admitted he destroyed them. The Judicial Inspection reveals that the destruction of evidence can be done only with the approval of the prosecutor, by a written proceeding. I was the number 1 guinea pig of the televised-justice in Romania. I am waiting for my application to be analysed by the ECHR. It refers to the fact that I have not had a fair trial and that the presumption of innocence has not worked. The public accusations, by media lynching, were carried out that winter, but the criminal investigation against me began on January 28, 2008, so prior to the commencement of a criminal investigation and even before June 6, 2008 when the indictment was submitted to the High Court,” Decebal Traian Remes explained for Antena 3 TV.


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