Former ANRP Vice President Sergiu Diacomatu, in Costa Rica – alongside Elena Udrea and Alina Bica

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Sergiu Diacomantu, former Vice President of the National Agency for Property Restitution (ANRP), is in Costa Rica. He reportedly left the country on April 9 and has not returned, according to sources quoted by

The last photo he posted on social networks was made in the UK on a stadium.

Diacomatu was sent by National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) to court in two criminal filed involving frauds at the National Agency for Property Restitution. He is a close friend of Elena Udrea and businessman Dorin Cocos.

In November 2015, DNA opened a fourth file targeting the illegal property restitution granted by the ANRP.

Former ANRP president Crinuța Dumitrean was detained in this new file by the anti-corruption prosecutors. The file probes into the compensation of RON 109 million to Universitatea Craiova football club Mihai Rotaru for a land that had been overrated by RON 87 million. Dumitrean was part of the central committee for the retrocession settlement functioning upon ANRP.

Along with Dumitrean, other five people have been detained: former ANRP Vice-president Sergiu Diacomatu, businessman Mihai Rotaru, two ex-members of the ANRP committee, Rodica Constantinovici and Lăcrămioara Alexandru and assessor Sergiu Negurici.

In December 2015, businessman Mihai Rotaru, Crinuța Dumitrean and the other persons who were part of the ANRP committee that granted Rotaru a compensation of RON 109 million for a overrated plot of land, were released from prison, following a Supreme Court final ruling. The same court ordered that Mihai Rotaru, Crinuţa Dumitrean, Sergiu Diacomatu, Rodica Constantinovici, Lăcrămioara Alexandru and Sergiu Negurici should be placed under remand on November 28, 2015. Dumitrean was seven months pregnant.

In July 2016, eight defendants were indicted, most of them at the material time members of the ANRP Central Committee.

Sergiu Diacomatu, at the material time Vice Chairman of the Central Committee and Catalin Teodorescu, Remus Virgil Baciu, Rodica Constantinovici, Lăcrămioara Alexandru and Marko Attila Gabor, members of the commission, were indicted for abuse of office with very serious consequences, if the official has obtained for himself or for another an undue advantage.

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