Former CCR chairman, Zegrean: It seems someone is in a hurry to investigate judges and prosecutors

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The Government adopted by emergency ordinance on Wednesday the establishment of the special section for investigation of magistrates, stipulated in the amendments to the Law 304/2004 on judiciary organization. The emergency ordinance was published by the ‘Official Gazette’ the same day. The new section should become operational in two weeks.

Former Constitutional Court chairman, Augustin Zegrean, says this ordinance was needed so that everything turns into a ‘complete mess’.

“The ordinance, as far as I understand after a quick reading, is meant to speed up the organization of the section, as its establishment was already defined by law, a law published by the ‘Official Gazette’ on September 13. It seems someone is in a hurry to investigate the judges and prosecutors,” Zegrean has told

In his opinion, the ‘chaos is already set up, part of the prosecutors for the section will be chosen in emergency procedure, in 5 days they have to file the candidacy and to be chosen, appointed, have to take over the offices and the files from DNA and other Prosecutor’s Offices, so it’s a great haste.”

Augustin Zegrean added he sees no point in setting up this special section, as the Constitution reads that all people are equal to the law, so the magistrates should not have special structures to investigate them.

“The Inquisition had a special section for cardinals. Probably this was the inspiration,” he said.

He recalls that the authorities have promised to observe the Venice Commission’s recommendations. “In turn, I see they insist and hurry with this investigation section for offenses in the judiciary,” Zegrean argued.

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