Former CCR President Augustin Zegrean says somebody should draw up a draft bill to amend the Constitution after the referendum

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Augustin Zegrean, former president of the Constitutional Court, said that after the referendum on May 26, somebody should make a draft bill to amend the Constitution, because the issues arising from the questions are subject to the revision of the fundamental law.

“After the referendum, somebody should make a draft bill to amend the Constitution, it can be made by 500,000 citizens, by the Government, that is, by the president upon the request of the Government or of a group of MPs – Senators or Deputies. Such amendments, if provided by a current law, would make the law unconstitutional. In order to make such a law, you must amend the Constitution to allow you to grant amnesty and pardon laws without any benefits for those convicted for corruption,” Augustin Zegrean said.

“The second question needs even more a change of the Constitution, because today the Constitution provides who and how may issue an ordinance, under what conditions and how an ordinance may be challenged to the CCR. If you draw up a law like this, it means that you add to the Constitution and this is forbidden,” the former CCR President added.

Zegrean told that the amendments to the Criminal Codes – passed through the Parliament in emergency procedure – are “a kind of invitation to commit crimes”. In his view, President Klaus Iohannis should use the two levers he has – the referral to the Constitutional Court and sending the bill back to Parliament for review.

“Apart from those who have worked on the law, everyone says that, by adopting these amendments, Romania is turning into a paradise for criminals and crimes,” he added.

President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Thursday the two questions that Romanians are called to answer to at the referendum on justice due May 26, on the same day with the European elections: “Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds?” and “Do you agree the ban against the Government emergency ordinances in the field of corruption crimes, correlated with extending the right to challenge the GEOs directly to the Constitutional Court?” The voters can answer with “Yes” or “No”.

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