Former Environment minister Attila Korodi, tapped in the forest retrocessions file

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The name of the former Environment minister, Attila Korodi popped up in the illegal forest retrocessions file. Judicial sources told Mediafax that Korodi was tapped and trailed at the request of the National Anti-corruption Directorate, after some defendants in this case would have tried to get in contact with the former state secretary Pasztor Sandor through Korodi. The defendants would have targeted to reach to Romsilva chief, but the attempt has never been concluded.

The same sources say that Korodi’s tapping was extended in October as well and that it would have been justified by the fact that the former minister had been called by one of the defendants in the case, who had found out about the stake of the forest retrocessions business and who had tried to resort to his acquaintances.

More precisely, Korodi was called by Iosif Kadas, one of the defendants in this high sounding case, who wanted to talk to the former minister in a meeting. Kadas had also talked to Attila Kovacs, president of UDMR Brasov branch, in order to help him reach the former state secretary with the Waters and Forest Department, Pasztor Sandor.

Attila Korodi told Mediafax that he knew he had been tapped in the forest retrocessions file and that he had even given a statement at DNA Brasov in November, underlining that nobody had contacted him for any intervention. He admitted he knew Attila Kovacs well, but denied having ever discusses with him about Kadas.

Former Social Democrat MP Viorel Hrebenciuc, his son, Andrei Hrebenciuc, MP Ioan Adam, senator Tudor Chiuariu and other 13 persons have been prosecuted in the forest retrocessions file.



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